Mangia e Bevi in Compagnia

Chef Franco Felice

 A pioneer of inventive Italian cuisine and now owner of Circolo, Franco has been creating delicious meals since the age of 15 after moving from Italy conquering the kitchens of Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, he creates flavourful pallets of nostalgia and journeys through the Mediterranean, with pieces of his childhood embedded in the dishes and walls of the restaurant he is able to transport you to what it means to have a relationship with food, creating the safety to never shy away from simple flavours, to taste an experience of pleasure with each bite and to understand the importance of quality versus quantity.

There is always an essence of welcome familiarity when walking into Circolo Ristorante because Franco’s energy is always one to get to know guests and makes them feel a sense of belonging where the center of an Italian culture is, the kitchen.